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Comprehensive approach

How we operate

We have developed a unique search service for real estate units in Spain. Our website boasts the best verified property units in Spain. All the units shown on our website undergo due diligence by our moderators, brokers, and lawyers.

You can be sure of legitimacy of the ads placed on our website due to our structured catalog and search using our website’s interactive map. You can order an online demo of the property unit of interest.

How do we know can be of service?

Number of failsified and obsolete property units on the market over the past few years


Is this apartment legit?


Suspiciously low price

Does this sound familiar?


That's a fake! I've seen these photos in Google pics.


I'm sick and tired of looking for legit offerings.


I think it's a realtor, not an owner!

What are the risks when buying a house?

  • Wallet

    Outstanding mortgage

  • Danger

    Prior transaction with this resource was invalid

  • Detective

    Property under distrainment

  • Baby

    Underage owners are entitled to stay in the unit

  • House

    Teardown home

  • Image

    Inaccurate photos

  • Shield-Fail

    Owner's debts and bankruptcy

  • Call-Missed

    Invalid phone number

  • Barricade

    Inferior quality of repairs

Forget about your worries when picking real estate with us!

Why our platform only publishes real and verified property units?

House House House House

Selection of the best property units

We only filter out the best offers out of thousands we receive. We cooperate with the best realtors and we verify property units with their owners.

Zoom conference

We check property units for up-to-dateness

We contact sellers and check their ads for up-to-dateness. Sellers send us documents as requested, as well as overview videos of their property units.


Full authentication

Due diligence of photos, procedures, and legal documents

We add property units to our platform

Once a unit passes all three stages we publish it on our platform. You can verify it's authenticity by ordering it's online preview and complete due diligence report

Questions? Send us a message to any messaging app of convenience and we will solve your issue!