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Real property exchange -

is a form of transaction whereby you don’t pay for a house or apartment but instead you directly exchange your real property for other real property. Such a transaction is executed by way of signing a contract that binds each part to transfer it’s respective real property to the other party without exchanging cash funds.

It’s possible to exchange villas, apartments or any other type of residential real estate. If you wish to exchange your real property without paying for your new residence, real property exchange may be more convenience alternative.

Submit a request and we will offer you a selection of property units suitable for exchange as a form of payment.

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Why you may need this?

Residence permits and more

  • Reliable investment

    Real property has been a solid investment throughout history. It's a reliable investment that not only enables you to save your investment but also yield income from leasing out your residential property

  • Mutually beneficial exchange

    Everyone has their own reasons, yet it's always a win-win for both exchanging parties.

  • No need to pay money

    No cash funds are required for exchanging real property, which facilitates and accelerates the process.

How is exchange executed?

  • Submit a request

    Submit a request for an exchange by filling out a short form detailing your property unit

  • We'll check it for clean title and authenticity

    We'll check it for clean title and authenticity, after which your property unit is added to our database

  • Selection of suitable options

    Our system selects relevant property units in another country, if such units fit your exchange parameters

  • From negotiations to key delivery

    Once you select your option and the other homeowner is interested in your property unit we will execute and close your transaction, from negotiations to the delivery of keys.

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