Winter fairy tale by the sea: where to go for sunshine?

Winter – a time for coziness, fireplaces, and snowy landscapes, but what if your soul craves sunshine and warmth? Then set off on a seaside journey! There are many beautiful countries in the world where winter turns into a gentle and sunny vacation.

To make it easier for you to choose where to go to the sea in winter, we have compiled for you a top 7 of attractive destinations. Of course, there are many more such places, but from this list, you will surely be able to choose a country for your trip.


Where to go in winter




Searching for the Ideal Wintering Spot: Criteria for Selection

Before choosing a destination, determine your priorities:

  • Budget. A vacation in the Maldives will be significantly more expensive than in Cyprus, for example.
  • Climate. Do you just want to relax on the beach or explore the sights? Some countries are beautiful for both.
  • Culture. Are you interested in history or local cuisine? Choose a country with a rich cultural heritage. There are many such places.
  • Convenience of the flight. A long flight can be tiring, so choose a closer destination or a country with direct flights.


Where to go to the sea in winter?

After the end of the pandemic, there is no need to fuss with vaccinations and certificates. Borders are open, restrictions are lifted, you can confidently buy tickets and fly to paradise. Geographically, several directions can be distinguished:

  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Mediterranean


It’s time to move on to the most interesting — our list of warm countries that are perfect for winter vacations.



Where, if not to Spain, can you go to relax in winter? A rather rhetorical question, so let’s consider some of the advantages of this direction:

  • Warm climate. The sun shines most of the year, guaranteeing a beach holiday at any time of the year.
  • Numerous cultural events and fairs, architectural structures, and interesting places.
  • A variety of delicious dishes for those who love proper nutrition.
  • High level of medicine and education.
  • Low cost of living by European standards.


Where to go in winter


If you wish, you can not limit yourself to just winter vacations, but spend the whole year on the sunny coast. For this, it is enough to exchange housing in your city for real estate in Spain.

Spain is located in the southwest of Europe — it occupies 80% of the Iberian Peninsula. It is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the north and west. The country is divided into three climatic zones. The northern part is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, winter is not cold — about +2 degrees, and summer is moderately hot. In the central part, the climate is more continental, but we are not talking about frosts. In the southeast, a mild climate with a hot summer up to +35 degrees and a warm winter.


The three most attractive places in Spain where you can fly to the sea in winter:

  • Valencia — the city combines modern technology and historical heritage. Many museums, restaurants, and various clubs. Suitable for living both for young people and for families with children.
  • Alicante — a resort city and a center of attraction for tourists, people with an active life position. Sports, healthy eating, positive mood — all this in Alicante.
  • Barcelona — a large Mediterranean port with a pleasant climate. The city with enchanting streets imbued with the times of Picasso. A popular tourist destination, but in winter there are fewer people than in the season.


And don’t forget about the beautiful coast, where the sun shines more than 300 days a year. A great example is Costa Blanca with its well-maintained beaches, crystal clear sea, and a wide selection of real estate for every taste.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, attracts travelers with its unique beauty, rich history, and spiritual wealth. This is a place where tropical greenery intertwines with snow-white beaches, and the noise of the waves echoes with the melody of ancient temples. A vacation in Sri Lanka is not just a beach holiday: it’s a journey into a world of colors, aromas, and unforgettable impressions.


Where to go in winter


Whether you are looking for a quiet rest on a secluded beach or fun entertainment at a resort, in Sri Lanka you will find the perfect place for yourself:

  • Hikkaduwa. The most popular beach resort with well-developed infrastructure. There is everything: surfing, diving, shops, restaurants, and nightlife.
  • Bentota. A quiet and peaceful resort with beautiful beaches and the opportunity to engage in water sports.
  • Mirissa. Known for its waves, ideal for surfing, as well as beautiful beaches and cozy bungalows.
  • Unawatuna. A resort with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, as well as a calm atmosphere. Well suited for family vacations.


Sri Lanka is a place where you can enjoy untouched nature. There is everything: tropical jungles, waterfalls, tea plantations, and national parks.


Here’s what you should definitely visit:

  • Yala National Park. Home to many wild animals, including elephants, leopards, and birds.
  • Sinharaja. A tropical forest with rich flora and fauna.
  • Adam’s Peak. A sacred mountain that offers a stunning view of the island.
  • Tea plantations. Walking through the tea plantations is a valuable experience that will give you vivid impressions.



As experienced tourists say about Thailand: it’s best to visit it last, otherwise, you won’t want to go anywhere else. The country has become such a popular destination due to its hot climate, paradise beaches, and entertainment industry for every taste. For a long stay, you will need to apply for a tourist visa. In addition to nature and climate, the advantages of the country include affordable accommodation and food prices.


Where to go in winter


The most popular destinations are Samui, Pattaya, and Phuket:

  • Pattaya is crowded and noisy — it attracts young people into the whirlpool of entertainment and parties like a magnet.
  • Phuket is a universal resort. Excellent beaches, a rich cultural program, as well as many opportunities for active recreation and a vibrant nightlife. Here you can see grand shows that are something between a carnival and a circus. They involve Thai boxers, aerial gymnasts, illusionists, and elephants. The top beaches in Phuket are Kata, Karon, Patong, and Surin.
  • Samui is white sandy beaches, coconut palms, waterfalls, and crazy parties. The resort is rightly called “bounty”: here you will find white sand and azure sea.



Unlike Thailand, this country is immersed in an atmosphere of tranquility and silence. Suitable for people who prefer a measured rest. Winter in this country is the most beach season.


Vietnam is a country of contrasts, where the wild beauty of tropical jungles intertwines with noisy megacities. Here are a few popular places in this country:

  • Nha Trang. The most popular beach resort in Vietnam with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, mountain rivers, and attractions.
  • Da Nang. A city with beautiful beaches and developed infrastructure. Here you can enjoy surfing, diving, and other water sports.
  • Phu Quoc. The largest island in Vietnam with untouched beaches, turquoise water, and magnificent nature.
  • Mui Ne. Known for its red sand dunes and the opportunity to engage in kitesurfing and windsurfing.


Where to go in winter


You will definitely like Vietnamese cuisine — it is a mix of Chinese, French, and local traditions. Here you will find many tasty and unusual dishes:

  • Pho — Vietnamese soup with noodles, meat, and greens.
  • Banh mi — dumplings with meat, fish, or vegetables.
  • Banh xeo — a sandwich with meat, vegetables, and sauce.



Cyprus is not only a summer resort but also a great place to go for a winter vacation. When many European countries have slush and night frosts, Cyprus has a mild and sunny climate, making it a good place for a cozy vacation.

In winter, the average air temperature in Cyprus is +15-20 degrees Celsius. The sun shines brightly, and in the evening it is warm and pleasant. You can spend time on the beach, sunbathe, swim in the sea, or just walk along the cozy streets of Cypriot cities. In winter, there is no influx of tourists in Cyprus, so you can enjoy peace and quiet. The absence of noise and hustle will allow you to fully relax and rest.


Where to go in winter


What to do in Cyprus in winter:

  • Beach holidays. Although the sea is not as warm in winter as in summer, you can still swim, sunbathe, or just walk along the beach.
  • Excursions. In winter, you will have more time to visit the attractions of Cyprus. Visit ancient ruins, monasteries, churches, and museums.
  • Mountain walks. The local mountains are great for hiking.
  • Winemaking. Visit wineries and taste local wines.
  • Gastronomy. Enjoy the local cuisine, which is known for its delicious dishes made from meat, fish, and vegetables.
  • Shopping. In winter, sales are often held in Cyprus, so you can buy souvenirs and gifts at low prices.


To stay in the territory, a visa is mandatory, or a 90-day permit, which can be ordered online.



Montenegro is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula that amazes with its unique beauty: mountains soaring into the sky, turquoise Adriatic Sea, cozy bays, and ancient cities with a rich history. A vacation in Montenegro is an excellent choice for those looking for the perfect combination of beach relaxation, active tourism, and educational excursions.


Where to go in winter


Here are just a few possible destinations:

  • Budva. The most popular resort in Montenegro with beautiful beaches, an ancient city, and a lively nightlife.
  • Becici. A wide sandy beach with developed infrastructure, suitable for family holidays.
  • Petrovac. A cozy resort with beautiful beaches and the bay of St. Nicholas Island.
  • Ulcinj. The southernmost city of Montenegro with a wide sandy beach.


If you are here, be sure to try Pljeskavica — a Balkan gastronomic masterpiece, which is a juicy patty made from minced meat. In addition to the cuisine, you can enjoy excursions to local attractions. For example, Tara Canyon — one of the deepest canyons in Europe.



Cuba experiences the peak of tourist influx in winter. The water temperature during this period is approximately 24-25 degrees. In addition to beach holidays and diving, many local festivals take place in winter — from Catholic Christmas to the anniversary of the Revolution. Festively decorated streets are crowded with people, and the music never stops — a plus for those who love a fun holiday and are not used to sitting at home.

It should be noted that some familiar things are missing in Cuba: the internet works fully only in hotels, and mobile is very slow and expensive. Bank cards work in few places, so cash is predominantly used.


Where to go in winter


Havana is the capital and heart of Cuba. Retro cars drive through the streets of the city, so sometimes it feels like you are somewhere in the 70s. All local architecture is literally steeped in history: the Capitol, the Museum of the Revolution, the Colon Cemetery, etc.


Traveler’s Memo

The main thing in a vacation is clear planning at the initial stage. You will relax on the spot, but before departure, you need to take care of some important things:

  • Resolve the visa issue (if the country you have chosen requires it).
  • Book accommodation. If you are going to Spain, our agency “M2 Real Estate” will help you rent a place.
  • Be sure to get medical insurance before flying.
  • Think about financial issues. Divide your budget across several bank cards — in case of loss. Take some cash with you.
  • Choose a reliable airline.


Now you know where to fly to the sea in winter to ensure that your vacation will definitely bring positive impressions. In our list, we did not consider overly expensive countries for staying — they are well-known to everyone. Therefore, we limited ourselves to destinations where you can have a great rest without seriously damaging your wallet.