City of Calpe in Spain – the pearl of the Mediterranean

Calpe is a picturesque resort town located on the coast of Spain, in the province of Alicante. Famous for its beautiful beaches and stunning natural surroundings, Calpe is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain.

The city of Calpe offers various entertainment options for tourists of all ages and preferences. Here you can enjoy the thermal springs, visit various sports clubs or go on an excursion to the nearby mountains. It also attracts with its beach holidays – this is the main “feature” of the entire Costa Blanca and here it is presented in the best way. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing city and tell you a little about the real estate that you can buy here.





A bit of history

Calpe has a rich history. First, the Phoenicians settled here, then the city became an important Roman colony. The Romans used Calpe as a fort to control the neighboring territory. At that time, the city was known as “Ifach” and served as a strategic position for the Roman troops.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Calpe came under the rule of the Byzantines, and then was captured by the Arabs, who brought their culture and architecture to the region. The Arabs named the city “Calpe”, which means “fortress”. They built many defensive structures around the city, the most famous of which was the Guadalest castle.


City of Calpe in Spain


In the 13th century, Calpe was liberated from Arab rule and included in the kingdom of Valencia. At that time, the city began to prosper thanks to trade and fishing.

In the 19th century, Calpe became an important port for trade ships, especially for exchanging goods with Malaga and Barcelona. The coastline of the city attracted many fishermen, and fishing became the main industry of the city’s economy.

Since the 20th century, this city has been developing as a tourist resort, which continues to this day. The diversity of natural landscapes, well-kept beaches, well-thought-out infrastructure and magnificent climate – all this will be at your disposal when visiting this city.



One of the most famous attractions of Calpe is the rock Peñón de Ifach, which is a symbol of the city. This huge rock, rising to a height of 332 meters, is considered one of the highest rocky formations in the Mediterranean Sea.


City of Calpe in Spain


The rock Ifach is also a natural park and is under protection, which allows to preserve its unique ecosystem. Here you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and ride along the trails, and for lovers of extreme tourism there are climbing to the top of the rock.

Let’s note the promenade of the city, with a length of about 13 kilometers. Here you can enjoy beautiful beaches and sunbathe in the sun. The most popular beach of Calpe is Levante beach, with a length of about 2 kilometers. Its white sand, clean water and developed infrastructure attract both local residents and guests of the city.


City of Calpe in Spain


However, Calpe is not only a beach town. There are many cultural attractions that are worth visiting:

  • The old town of Calpe, located near the promenade, where you will find many narrow streets, traditional Spanish restaurants and small shops. In the center of the city, you should visit the cathedral of Our Lady of Calpe – a beautiful Gothic building of the 13th century.
  • The port of Calpe, where you can rent a boat or go on a sea trip. In the port there are fish restaurants, where you can try fresh sea fish and famous local seafood, which can be considered the hallmark of the city.
  • The castle of Guadalest. This Arab castle, built on a rock, is a magnificent example of architecture. It was built in the 12th century and served as an important defensive structure. Today the castle is open for visits and offers visitors beautiful views of the city and its surroundings.



The city has a moderate Mediterranean climate, so there are practically no winters here, and summer lasts for most of the year. In January and February, the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees Celsius and by the end of March the weather is very warm. Summer usually starts in April and lasts until October – the temperature reaches a comfortable mark of 30 degrees, so there is no exhausting heat here.


City of Calpe in Spain


A feature of the local climate is the mild breeze that comes from the sea and provides coolness on hot days. The air is purified by the sea winds, so being here can already be considered a good prevention of many diseases.

There is also very low humidity here, which makes its climate very comfortable for vacationers. This in turn is due to the proximity of the Ifach mountain, which protects the city from strong winds, as well as creates a unique microclimate that promotes the growth of fruits and vegetables.

The residents of Calpe can enjoy more than 280 sunny days a year, which makes it an ideal place for lovers of not only beach, but also active recreation in nature.



One of the most popular beaches in the city of Calpe is Levante beach. With its wide sandy coastline and crystal clear water, it is fully suitable for family holidays. Levante beach is equipped with all the amenities for vacationers: sun loungers, umbrellas, shower cabins and toilets. There are also many cafes and restaurants on the beach, where you can try traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine.


City of Calpe in Spain


Another wonderful local beach is Arenal-Bol. It differs in its spacious area and amazing sand. The coastline here is flat and quite wide, which makes it suitable for walks and games in the fresh air. Arenal-Bol beach is also popular among lovers of water sports. Here you can ride a wakeboard or rent a boat.

If you prefer secluded and quiet beaches, then Morro de Toix beach is your choice. Due to its location in a small bay, this beach is isolated from the noise and bustle of the city. Here you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature surrounded by rocky cliffs and pine trees.

In addition, Calpe is famous for its famous Puerto-Blanco beach. This is a beach with fine white pebbles and delicate sandy cover. The waters here are transparent, and the landscape around amazes with its beauty.


Local cuisine

Fish and seafood are two “pillars” on which the entire Mediterranean cuisine rests. One of the successful examples of dishes that are prepared from these products is “Arroz del Señor”.


City of Calpe in Spain


This is a traditional dish of Valencian cuisine, which is prepared from seafood and rice. All seafood are necessarily cleaned from shells, so the dish turns out to be especially tender.

The region of Alicante, where this city is located, is also rich in olives, honey, oranges and other fruits. These ingredients are added to various dishes, giving them freshness and a special taste. Dishes prepared with olives, such as “Piperade” (a traditional dish with paprika, tomatoes, onion and olive oil), are typical for this region.


City of Calpe in Spain


In Calpe there are many different restaurants and taverns that offer a large selection of dishes of local cuisine. Restaurants are located both on the promenade and in the old town, and offer an atmosphere that allows guests to enjoy authentic dishes of Spain. One of the most famous restaurants in Calpe is “Casa Mola Mola”, which is famous for its classic dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, as well as fresh fish and seafood.

If you want to try something more exotic, you should visit the restaurant “El Andaluz”. Specializing in Andalusian cuisine, this restaurant offers a large selection of tapas and paella, which are prepared according to traditional recipes.



The city has a large number of hotels that offer quality service. But those who plan to move here permanently, definitely should think about buying their own housing in Calpe. The real estate market here is actively developing, so you can find a lot of interesting options.

People who love urban life can recommend modern apartments, located in different parts of the city. Prices vary greatly, so you can choose an option for your finances.


City of Calpe in Spain


Those who value privacy above all, will surely be interested in buying villas. The absence of neighbors behind the wall, a swimming pool, a large area, a convenient location in the suburbs away from the city bustle – this is only a small part of what you get when buying this elite real estate.

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