Costa Blanca – the whitest beaches in Spain

There are many places in Spain that are attractive for tourists to visit. This is not surprising, because the country is located on the Mediterranean coast, where there is always a favorable climate and many other types of entertainment. One of the most popular tourist destinations is Costa Blanca – this is a famous resort area in Spain, where you will find a truly pleasant weather: clear sky, warm sea and comfortable temperature of the environment even in winter.


Costa Blanca coast


Today we will tell you about the attractions of Costa Blanca, what resort towns are here and why buying property in this area – this is also a profitable investment of your money.




General information

Costa Blanca is the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, which is located in the autonomous region of Valencia, in the province of Alicante. It is more than 200 kilometers of snow-white sandy beaches, which are literally immersed in the luxurious Mediterranean greenery of coastal towns, whose history dates back hundreds of years.

Costa Blanca translates from Spanish as “White Coast” – a very telling name, considering the kilometers of white beaches along the coast. You can appreciate the length of Costa Blanca on the map:


Costa Blanca coast


All those who decided to visit this amazing place will be interested to know about the main features of this resort area:

  • The main “feature” of this place is the large length of sandy beaches, so Costa Blanca is suitable for those who prefer beach holidays.
  • The number of sunny days per year – 305. This means that most of the year it is very warm or at least comfortable here – even in winter the temperature here rarely drops below +16 degrees Celsius (the average temperature in summer is +32 degrees, and the water temperature is about +29 degrees).
  • Tourists here have access not only to beach holidays. On Costa Blanca there are a lot of resort towns, each of which has its own entourage. Did you think that on the Spanish coast you can meet a real Norwegian enclave? Or “Spanish Las Vegas”? And this is only a small part of the amazing things that await you. Therefore, rest here is suitable for those who want to enjoy the majestic architecture of old towns, impressive landscapes of skyscrapers, who love nightlife or secluded relaxation in their own home.


On Costa Blanca there are a lot of towns that definitely deserve your attention. Let’s talk about the main ones.



Altea is a small resort town that is located 60 km from Alicante, on the slopes of Sierra de Bernia mountains. Cozy winding streets paved with stone, almost all lead to the sea, and observation platforms offer a magnificent view of the sea and coastal bays.


Costa Blanca coast


The population of the town is about 25 000 people, so it is never too noisy and crowded here. This is a choice for those who prefer a calm and measured rest, as well as value their personal boundaries.

In Altea there are a lot of ancient churches, and here there are not only Catholic monasteries, but also an Orthodox church, built in honor of Archangel Michael. There is something to see for art lovers – here are a lot of galleries, museums and exhibitions. On the local streets you can often meet young artists who sell their works – even if their artistic value may seem doubtful, but you still get an original work with its own flavor.


Pros of Altea:

  • Here is a very authentic architecture with old streets, which are very pleasant to walk on.
  • This is a great place for sailing or just fishing.
  • Altea is considered one of the most beautiful places on the coast, because here are a lot of museums and galleries.
  • This is an ideal place if you want privacy.



Our TOP definitely includes Benidorm – this is a modern resort town, which is located in a picturesque bay. Around it are mountains and, of course, there are beaches and quick access to the sea.


Costa Blanca coast


The main feature of this place is that there are a lot of skyscrapers here – by this indicator Benidorm is second only to New York. In particular, in the city there is one of the tallest buildings in Spain – this is the Gran Bali hotel with an observation deck, which is located on the 45th floor. By the way, this is exactly the city that was nicknamed “Spanish Las Vegas”, because here there are many opportunities for different types of recreation.


Pros of Benidorm:

  • This is a suitable place for those who love nightlife with restaurants, clubs and other entertainment.
  • “Spanish Las Vegas” could not be called that without the bright lights of casinos that literally lure you to try your luck.
  • Benidorm is suitable for more relaxed holidays. Here is a natural park Mundomar, zoo Terra Natura and many other interesting things.
  • The presence of nearby mountains creates a special microclimate – it seems that in Benidorm even breathe differently.
  • Benidorm is suitable for lovers of active holidays. Here are many opportunities for snorkeling, surfing, diving, etc.



Calpe is a resort town that is located on Costa Blanca between Benidorm and Javea. About 50% of the local population are foreigners, which speaks of the high popularity of this tourist destination.

Here are very beautiful landscapes, while the local flora and fauna literally amazes the imagination. And, of course, in Calpe there are kilometers of well-maintained sandy and pebble-sandy beaches, where you can fully relax at any time. The main attraction is the rock Peñon de Ifach, which divides the city into two halves.


Costa Blanca coast


Pros of Calpe:

  • Here are really impressive landscapes – on the Old Town, the sea, bays and rocks.
  • The city is located in a protected area, where different plants grow, which are rarely found in other places. Here also live rare animals and birds, i.e. here you will feel as close as possible to nature.
  • In the local bays you can go diving, but also other entertainment in Calpe are well developed.


Buying property on Costa Blanca

We have considered only part of the local towns, but from this small list it is already clear that Costa Blanca is a place for different types of recreation, so everyone will find here what suits them best.

If you want to enjoy the local views constantly, then buying property for living – this is the right decision by many parameters. It is warm here most of the year, so you can consider the purchased housing as a place to relax only in season, or on a permanent basis, if you decide to move here.


Costa Blanca coast


But buying property can also be profitable in terms of investments, because foreign housing constantly grows in price, i.e. in a few years you can get a good profit on resale. Another option is to rent an apartment, townhouse or house – tourists come here all year round, so you will not have a shortage of customers.

Another way to get cozy apartments on Costa Blanca – is exchange of real estate. The essence of such a deal is that real estate located in any point of the world can be exchanged for housing in Spain, without paying money for it.

In buying and exchanging real estate you will be helped by specialists of the company “M2 Real Estate”, which will provide full legal support of the deal. Costa Blanca coast – this is the warmest place in Spain, so own real estate here is not only prestigious, but also can be a good investment.