Spain’s coast: convenient destinations for vacation and buying real estate

Spain is a country with an incredibly warm climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, and friendly local people with their own charm. It is interesting not only from the point of view of periodic rest for 1-2 weeks, but also for buying local housing, which grows in price every year. This is explained by the developing real estate market, which was in stagnation for some time, but now the situation has become much more positive.

A special interest is the coast of Spain, where there are many resort towns. Here it is warmer than in the center or in the north, and there is direct access to the beaches and the sea – a real dream for most tourists. We tell you which cities in Spain are ideal for relaxing by the sea, as well as for buying real estate.





The capital of Catalonia is located in the northeast of Spain. And although the local population is very skeptical about the fact that they are part of the Spanish state, this city still remains one of the most popular tourist destinations.


Coast of Spain


The city is literally divided into two parts: areas that are closer to the center, and the coastal part. Barcelona itself is a fairly developed metropolis, while it has an indescribable atmosphere of a resort. Here is a very beautiful architecture, which is characterized by both the presence of old and authentic houses, and modern residential complexes. There is also no problem with entertainment here – what is only worth the famous stadium “Camp Nou”, where you can watch the magnificent game of the football club “Barcelona”. People who are cold to sports will like a lot of local restaurants, galleries and museums, as well as noisy carnivals that are held here on the occasion of numerous local holidays.


Costa Brava

Another coast of the Mediterranean Sea, located in the northeast of the country. This is part of the autonomous community of Catalonia, which borders France, so in the local customs there is a surprising symbiosis of Spanish and French culture.


Coast of Spain


Local beaches are very clean and well-maintained. There is also no problem with entertainment – from public catering places to cultural recreation. This place is characterized by a rather moderate climate, which is not so common on the coast. In summer, the temperature stays around 25-30 degrees, and in winter it hardly drops below 10 degrees.

People often come here who want to travel freely around Europe. It is close to France and Andorra, where you can ski. By the way, this is the homeland of the famous Salvador Dali, so Costa Brava is the cultural “Mecca” of Spain. The creative core is also manifested in the design of local mansions – such originality is hard to find in other resort places.


Costa del Maresme


Coast of Spain


This is a small and cozy coast, which has a very pleasant climate – Costa del Maresme is protected from the winds by the majestic Pyrenees, so it is very comfortable to live here. By the way, the cost of local housing is lower than in Barcelona itself, so this direction is popular among potential investors and those who just want to find a cozy home for life.


Costa Blanca

This is an amazing place, the main feature of which are kilometers of snow-white sandy and pebble beaches. Here more than 300 days a year the bright sun shines, so this is a good option for those who want a house on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. According to WHO, Costa Blanca was recognized as one of the most suitable places in the world for favorable living.


Coast of Spain


Here are many resorts in Spain, each of which has its own specifics:

  • Altea – a cozy place with sparsely populated streets, which is suitable for lovers of calm and family rest.
  • Alfas del Pi – a real Norwegian enclave on the territory of Spain, where a large number of Norwegians live, which somehow gives its zest to this place.
  • Benidorm – this is the “Spanish Las Vegas”, known for its skyscrapers, clubs, nightlife and casinos.
  • Teulada – this is a place for a great beach holiday, while lovers will surely appreciate the local sherry muscatel.


Many local beaches have been awarded the status of “Blue Flag”, which is awarded for excellent water quality, quality service and developed infrastructure. This direction is considered one of the most popular among tourists not only because of local beauties, but also affordable real estate, compared to other Spanish resorts.


Costa del Sol

This is a thriving tourist center in Spain, which is suitable for both recreation and real estate purchase. There are many different entertainments here, so among investors are not the last people in this world. In particular, there are many fields for playing golf – a traditional entertainment for aristocrats.


Coast of Spain


Despite all its elitism, the cost of local housing does not exceed much the average prices in the country. But there are exceptions, like Marbella, which is often compared to Monaco.


Costa Dorada


Coast of Spain


On the coast of Spain there is Costa Dorada, located in the southern part of Catalonia. The length of the coast is more than 200 km, so in different cities you can find different entertainment and recreation. There are many cultural attractions, restaurants, night clubs and fashionable galleries here.

There are many sunny days a year on the Costa Dorado, so tourists come here in any season. This is beneficial for those who plan to buy a home here and rent it out for short-term rent.


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