Spain or Turkey: where is it better to move permanently?

Deciding to move to another country is always a difficult choice, which is not only associated with the need to leave the familiar environment, but also with finding a suitable place for permanent residence.

Spain, with its diverse climate, rich culture and historical attractions, attracts the attention of many foreigners. Turkey has also become a popular destination today, where it is also warm, and the rich culture attracts tourists from different countries.

Today we decided to make a comparison again and choose where it is best to live – in Turkey or Spain?





Climate features

Spain has a variety of climatic conditions. In the north of the country, there is a temperate climate with abundant precipitation, while in the center and south of Spain there is a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters, when the temperature level hardly drops below 0 degrees.


Spain or Turkey


On the Canary and Balearic Islands, the climate is more mild and moderate. Thanks to this diversity, everyone can find here a climate that suits their preferences.

Turkey also has a “mixture” of climates. In the south, there is a Mediterranean climate, and in the north of the country – a temperate climate with slightly cool winters and warm summers. In the eastern part of Turkey, the climate is continental – with hot summers and cold winters.


Spain or Turkey


Spain has a large number of well-kept beaches on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, as well as many prestigious resorts on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea – Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca. Turkey is not far behind – the country can boast of the resort of Antalya and Alanya.


Local attractions

Spain is rich in cultural and historical attractions. Here you can see many amazing monuments of architecture: Alhambra in Granada, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, old cities of Cordoba and Seville, as well as many castles, monasteries and museums. In addition, the country is famous for its holidays, festivals and cultural events. The famous Spanish bullfighting and flamenco are worth mentioning.


Spain or Turkey


Turkey also has a lot of interesting things: ancient cities of Ephesus and Pamukkale, Basilica of St. John in Selcuk, Troy, Cappadocia, as well as ruins of ancient cities and architectural monuments. Among travelers, the resorts on the shores of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas are especially popular: Antalya, Bodrum and Fethiye – with their crystal clear beaches and historical attractions.


Real estate market

The price of real estate depends directly on the specific region. The most expensive housing is in Madrid, Barcelona, as well as resort towns. The market on the Costa Blanca is very attractive – here the price of real estate is not so high, and you buy housing on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. On our website you will find a large selection of offers for purchase and rent of real estate.


Spain or Turkey


Turkey has a large selection of offers – both among apartments in new buildings and among luxurious villas, fully ready for living. In this country, the costs of maintaining housing are lower than in Spain, and the situation with taxes is better. But the influx of refugees from the CIS countries led to an ambiguous situation, when the owners of real estate greatly inflated the rental price.



Spain has a well-developed education system with many universities, schools and colleges. Many higher education institutions in the country are included in the world rankings of higher education. Spanish universities offer a wide range of programs in English, which makes them attractive for foreign students.


Spain or Turkey


The most important thing is that migrants in Spain have full right to education. To enroll a child in a kindergarten or school, you need to contact the city hall or the educational institution itself. At the same time, you do not have to pay money for attending a public kindergarten – only about 20-30 euros for food and transport.

Turkey offers a variety of programs in higher education, provided by numerous universities throughout the country. Many Turkish universities cooperate with foreign universities, offering education in English and conducting international student exchanges. In addition, Turkey offers quality education in the fields of medicine, engineering, art and humanities. The Turkish diploma is recognized by all European countries, and there is an opportunity to study at a public university for free, but for this you need to have a residence permit.



The healthcare system in Spain is considered one of the best in the world. Residents of the country can use free medical care, as well as have access to a wide range of medical services. The main advantage of medicine in this country is availability. Clinics with the most modern equipment can be found not only in large cities, but also in the province. Most hospitals in Spain are state-owned, and private clinics account for only 15-20%. Foreigners who have received a residence permit have full right to free medical care, except for a few areas: dentistry, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.


Spain or Turkey


Turkey attracts attention with its developed healthcare, modern medical technologies and quality medical services. Thanks to the modernization of the healthcare system, in recent years the country has managed to make an impressive leap and enter the number of leading countries in terms of the level of medical services provided.


Cost of living

The cost of living in Spain, especially outside the capital and large cities, is usually considered relatively affordable. Prices for real estate, products, services and entertainment can be lower than in other Western European countries, which makes Spain an attractive place to live.


Spain or Turkey


The cost of living in Turkey is also relatively affordable compared to other European countries. On average, the price of products in Turkey is 30-40% lower than in Spain, but the level of wages here is lower: the average salary is around 1000 euros, and in Spain it is around 1700-2200 euros. Therefore, the standard of living in Turkey, in general, is lower.


Disadvantages of living in Spain and Turkey

When choosing a country for your permanent residence, you need to take into account not only its advantages. Therefore, for completeness of the picture, we have collected several negative examples of life in Spain and Turkey.


Spain or Turkey


Let’s start with Spain:

  • Economic difficulties. Despite the fact that Spain is an attractive country for relocation, it still suffers from the consequences of economic crises. The high level of unemployment, especially among young people, is one of the most noticeable problems.
  • Bureaucratic red tape. Bureaucratic procedures in Spain can take a lot of time. This can complicate the process of obtaining the necessary documents, work permits, doing business and even buying real estate. This creates additional inconveniences for foreigners who want to settle in the country. However, in the country there is an opportunity to get a residence permit when buying housing for an amount of 500,000 euros – this procedure, as a rule, does not take much time, if it is accompanied by professional lawyers.
  • High unemployment. Spain faced the problem of high unemployment, especially in some regions. This can make it difficult to find a job for foreigners, especially if they do not speak Spanish. When hiring, companies pay attention to local applicants first, but with a high qualification, it is much easier to find a job.


Spain or Turkey


Turkey also has its drawbacks:

  • Political instability. Turkey periodically faces political tensions and instability. Political conflicts and internal contradictions can create uncertainty and affect the business environment.
  • Restrictions on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in Turkey has faced restrictions in recent years, which has led to an increase in censorship in social networks, journalism and media. The Turkish regime is called authoritarian by many, so freedom of speech here is conditional.
  • Instability in some regions. Some regions of Turkey, especially bordering with other countries, may face instability due to geopolitical factors, which can create problems for potential relocators.
  • High inflation. Turkey in recent years has faced a high level of inflation, which can affect the purchasing power of the population and the overall stability of the economy.
  • Problems with housing. In large cities of Turkey, such as Istanbul, rental rates and housing prices can be high, which makes it difficult to access housing. Due to the large influx of people from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus due to the current political situation, many landlords have raised the rental price to “cosmic heights”. Yes, this situation is also characteristic of Armenia, Georgia and other popular countries among relocators, but this point still needs to be taken into account when moving.



Spain is a unique place where the greatness of history is intertwined with modernity, and the Mediterranean lifestyle gives joy and inspiration. Clean air, many sunny days a year, beautiful nature and amazing culture make Spain an attractive place to live and work.

Turkey, combining a favorable position at the junction of east and west, comfortable climate, unique historical attractions and affordable cost of living, also attracts many foreign citizens. Beautiful beaches, rich cultural history, opportunities for business, quality education and medical care – all this makes Turkey a desirable place to move.

Each country has its own pros and cons, so you decide for yourself which points are most important for you. The real estate agency “M2 Real Estate” offers not only a large selection of offers for rent and purchase, but also exchange of real estate. We also provide detailed consultations on any issues, which makes moving to Spain less difficult for you.